Croatian Ethnicity in Hungary

By Nikolett Arnold

The Croatian minority in Hungary is a very prominent one that also has a minority government and is able to advise the government on minority policy, however does not have a vote in parliament. Croatia is our southern neighbor and througout history the borders of the countries have changed many times, it was inevitable for the two nationalities to mix and learn to live beside each other. Pécs is the so-called capital of the Croatian minority with a Croatian National Theater which is unique as it is the only Croatian theater operating in a foreign country, an Education Center named after Miroslav Krleza where children are educated from the kindergarten level up until K12, a Croatian Philology Department at the University of Pécs, the August Senoa Croatian Club and Tanac Folk Dance Group. However, we do not have special care for the elders amongst the minority, they shall be taken care of the national social care system. Although, this is not the tradition amongst Croatians as they are very traditional and take care of their own elders. When talking to the leader of the Croatian club I have gotten the impression that it is a shame among Croatians to have a family member in a home for the elderly.