A Summary of the Dementia Workshop of AM2019

by Jennifer van der Broeke

Dementia is one issue that is of importance in the city of Bristol. It also is a topic many members of ENIEC have expertise in from a great variety of angels. Some members are informal caregivers, some teach students who will become carers in the dementia field, and others are involved in dementia care itself. So we happily organized a workshop on dementia at the AM with the aim of coming to a recommendation. However this was too ambitious. The workshop provided too little time. But such a big group of participants in the workshop did give as a great overview of all the different aspects that are of importance when it comes to dementia and older persons from ethnic minorities. We are looking forward to work in a smaller working group to go more in depth on this topic and try to bring order in all the different mentioned aspects. We will keep you posted in a next newsletter.