Lord Mayor Medals Award Goes to Anndeloris Chacon

Anndeloris Chacon, our lead Organizer from Bristol received the Lord Mayor Medals Award which is given to the unseen heroes of communities in Birstol who dedicate their work and life to strive for equality. According to  Lord Mayor, Cllr Cleo Lake “this diverse group represent the best of our city and stand as living testament to what can be achieved when we work together for the benefit of others”.

“Anndeloris’ award is given in recognition of her work supporting carers in the community.  She is a visionary leader, whose passion and purpose lies in helping others. Anndeloris spent 36 years as a nurse.  During that time, she was an active member of the Black and Minority Ethnic core group, a mentor/preceptor for staff, the Bullying and Harassment Advisor and a union representative for Royal College of Nurses.”

Source: https://news.bristol.gov.uk/news/lord-mayors-medals-celebrate-bristols-local-heroes