Tina Pan’s PhD Defense in Brussels

Tina Pan would like to invite all ENIEC memebers to her public defense at 11am, 3rd June, 2019 in Vrije Universiteit Brussel. There will be a Chinese style reception after the defense, and she would be very happy to see you there.
Let us also share the summary of her dissertation to raise interest:
This Ph.D. dissertation contributes to current ageing research by adopting diverse
samples and research methods in approaching the research topic of social
participation in later life. In particular, this Ph.D dissertation addresses three new
“environmental” challenges in social participation: 1) the influence of the changing
media environment, 2) the influence of relocation to long-term care institutions,
and 3) the interdependence between migration, culture and ageing.
The findings show that new media usage (e.g. Internet) can be promoted for
increasing older adults’ participation level while taking into account the fact that
older adults still have a preference for traditional media usage (e.g. newspaper, TV,
municipality newsletter). Relocation to long-term care (LTC) institutions does not
necessarily mean that older residents will withdraw from social participation. LTC
staff should be aware of their potential in devising social participation programs,
not restricted to physical activity but offer a portfolio of activities. Social
participation programs should also be linked with the residents’ life-course
experiences to overcome their reported barriers related to social participation.
Chinese culture can also be a double-edged sword, both a motivator and a barrier,
to older Chinese migrants’ social participation.
The dissertation puts forward three policy recommendations regarding promoting
old-age social participation in different environments: 1) respect older adults’
media preference in a digital inclusive society, 2) prioritize meaningful
participation to realize healthy ageing among LTC residents and 3) embrace
cultural diversity to promote social participation among ethnic minority migrants.
The official invitation can be accessed here.