Eniec Members Participate in “What year are we really in?” Conference in Narva


Siiri Jaakson

by Siiri Jaakson


On September 19th, 2019, the Estonian Dementia Competence Center organizes a dementia thematic conference in Estonia, Narva city. Eniec network has worked together with Estonians and the conference “What year are we really in?” will be held in cooperation with the Dementia Competence Center. They are motivated to make a change and raise discussion about memory disorders and humane care approaches. The objective of this conference is to promote the quality of life of people with dementia in Estonia. The whole team of the Competence Center agrees that this is the time to grow up from the Soviet Union era, to move on towards modern conditions in social and health care. To develop newer solutions in society and in general, but also in issues with dementia development. Also, it will certainly inspire and motivate us. These problems will be fully embedded at the conference “What year are we really in?”. Estonian Dementia Competence Center is a new organization. They became a member of Alzheimer Europe in 2018. They are pioneers in their work in raising awareness about dementia. Until now, dementia as an illness has not really been discussed among larger audiences in Estonia. At the moment the environment in Estonia is resistant to migrants. Despite having a large Russian speaking minority there is very little understanding that linguistic minorities (e.g. Russian speakers) would benefit from different care approaches. The mini-conference will be held in Narva, a border town with Russia. Narva is largely a Russian-speaking city. Here you can find information about Narva:


During the conference “What year are we really in?” Dementia Competence Center will present their ongoing project to promote the quality of life of people with dementia in Estonia.

Different specialists from Europe will participate from Eniec as partners.


“Culturally sensitive approaches in memory work” Siiri Jaakson, Head of Cultural Sensitive Memory Work in Finland, Eniec member (Finland)


“Standard and Dementia Care for People with low Health Literacy” Dr. Jennifer R van den Broeke, Eniec Board member (The Netherlands)


“Intimacy and sexuality in people with dementia” Dr. Frans R. Hoogeveen, Specialist Dementia Care, Eniec memebr (The Netherlands)


“Caregiver of Dementia. The Role of Public Administrations” Terry Dafer OBE, Director Adult Social Care Bristol City Council , Eniec member (United Kingdom)