Roy Wesenhagen ENIEC Member for Age-Friendly Hague

by Roy Wesenhagen

Today was another inspiring day. I had a very engaging meeting with 7 active members of the German parliament The ‘Bundestages’ representing CDU/CSU, FDP, SPD, BÜNDNIS 90/ Die GRÜNEN and DIE LINKE. We were able to share knowledge and experiences about age-friendly environments. With underlying themes such as #aging, #accessibility, #mobility, #welfare, #infrastructure. The importance is the engagement with corporations, local entrepreneurs and volunteers. We talked about projects that I’ve developed or am developing to address issues to improve security, diversity, and loneliness. Fighting loneliness is a challenge that occurs among all age groups. As for accessibility, I explained that this involves a much greater group of people than just those in wheelchairs. Aging groups use walkers (rollator), visually impaired also require better access to sidewalks and public transport. As do parents with strollers. Just to mention a few. Last but not least in the city of The Hague we are in the process of developing a platform around Age-Friendly environments to improve the overall engagement and communication around a broad variety of Aging themes. This is done together with partners namely: local entrepreneurs, The Hague University, city of The Hague and local welfare organizations.