anbi status

In  2019, ENIEC has been designated as a public welfare institution entitled to have the Tax-deductible certificate ( Algemeen nut beogende instelling – ANBI statutes in Dutch).
The ANBI status certificate is a non-profit tax designation issued in the Netherlands by the Tax Office (Belastingdienst) and it is provided to organizations, which meet specific criteria as—transparency on their policies, annual reports on the website, etc.
During the last two years, the board of ENIEC, worked on the completion of ANBI application. Organizations with ANBI status are entitled to certain tax advantages related to inheritance, gifts, and donations. This certificate allows individuals and companies to make donations or give gifts that can be tax-deductible in the Netherlands and possibly in other EU countries (please, check with your national tax authorities).
The board is currently working with our web designer to set a specific box up on our website to guide individuals or companies on the donation/payment procedure.
Once a donation is received, ENIEC will provide an official certificate of the donation when it is needed.
We encourage all members to contribute to the mission of ENIEC in this way and to disseminate this information.