Informal ENIEC Thursdays to be Launched on 5 November 2020

written by Nikolett Arnold

On our first board meeting this semester, we met online and chatted freely about our summer and tried to look back at the events behind us. It was great to see everyone after the summer break, but this time it was a different first meeting of the board compared to ones before. On that very first meeting Lola Casal Sanchez raised the idea of informal online meetings based on how we all felt that online meetings were very important parts of our lives to keep connected with our friends, relatives, and colleagues.

We agreed that we will have a Zoom session every first Thursday until the Annual Meeting which will be held online this year as well. The Zoom sessions will have one presenter who will introduce a topic to be discussed informally. Grab a snack and a glass of wine for a night out with your ENIEC Friends in front of your screen could be a perfect slogan for these events. I will take the floor in November and start by reviewing a book titled Alzheimer’s through the Stages: A Caregiver’s Guide which I translated into Hungarian during the quarantine in April. I will also share my experience as a translator, and how it felt to be locked up with this task. Also, another even more important aspect is the perspective it brings to Hungarian readers, I would love to hear how well published are such books in your countries. Let me give you a hint, in Hungary self-help books in this category are not blockbusters.

However, we ask for volunteers to follow with the coming sessions. If you have something you would like to share and discuss contact the board members for further details, and we will set you up for the next free date. We do think that these nights will be quite enjoyable, and we will have ideas worth spreading, it will also be great to see you as much as possible, as our annual meeting will also be through online channels in 2021.