Opinions on COVID-19 Vaccination

written by Siiri Jaakson

Last year when the pandemic and isolation started, we made a report titled How are we doing? about older migrant’s thoughts how they get information, and how informative was it for them.

And now, after a year, in cooperation with six companies, we decided to find out the foreign-language speaking older people’s thoughts about the corona vaccinations and whether they were in the need of information and help related to the subject. Similarly, as in the spring of 2020, the issue was approached together with the elderly participating in the activities of the organizations to clarify the situation.

And now, together with The Finnish Consortium of Intercultural Elderly Care, we have published a report – Corona vaccinations divide opinions amongst older migrants in Finland – Nearly half wants a vaccination but many still have doubts, 2021.

Many respondents wanted more information on the safety and benefits of the vaccine to make a decision. More than half of the respondents feel that they have not received enough information on how their residence district organizes vaccination. Besides, it was considered necessary that the administration related to vaccination is available in their mother tongue.

The hesitant answers were mostly given by those language groups that are considering different vaccine manufacturers. For example, Russian-speaking seniors would like to receive SputnikV, and Chinese speakers tend to appreciate products made in their own country. And in addition to the desire, they would like to choose their vaccine by themselves.


Download our report here: