Greetings from Scotland

written by Lola Casal-Sánchez

Lola Casal Sanchez

Hi everybody! It is nice to get in contact with you all again, through this “communication window” that is our website! Since last March, I have concentrated on catching up with the different tasks that the start of a PhD requires, because, trust me, starting a PhD can be tough, very tough!

Because of COVID-19, all my classes are online and socializing with the other students is not easy. However, I have been able to get in contact with a small group of colleagues from Germany, India, Ghana and the UK. Believe it or not, we meet every day at 07h30 to work on our thesis project! It sounds crazy, and it is, but again, believe it or not, it works.

I keep looking at the future with hope and enthusiasm! It seems that vaccination is progressing in almost all European countries, so I hope our next ENIEC Annual Meeting will be face to face.

My apologies for not being able to attend the last informal Thursday meeting, but I hope to see you all at the next one! Keep safe and keep smiling!

With kind regards, Lola Casal-Sánchez