Programme ENIEC Annual Meeting 2024

ENIEC Annual Meeting 2024

17 – 19th of April 2024
Helsinki, Finland

ENIEC Annual Meeting 2024 will dive into older people’s
everyday lives from the perspective of human rights.

Wednesday 17th of April
14.30-15.30   Registration at the Hotel Helga
14.00-15.30   Voluntary walking tour in the city center
15.30                                          Walking together from the hotel to City Hall
16.00-18.00      Welcome Reception to the Annual Meeting 2024 at the Helsinki City Hall

  • Welcome by the City of Helsinki
  • Welcome by the Chair of ENIEC and Organizing committee
  • Introduction to the theme
  • Drinks, snacks & Social dynamics

Thursday 18th of April
8.45                                            Walking from hotel to Eurooppa-sali
9.00                                            Human rights perspective on older people’s lives

  • Opening words of the day + Social dynamics
  • Brief Overview about Human rights and the report of UN independent expert Claudia Mahler of the older people’s rights situation in Finland, Sanna Ahola
  • Workshop instructions

9.30                     Workshop: older people’s everyday life and connection to Human rights
11.30                  Diving into digitalization

  • Ulla Buchert DigiIn -project
  • Sari Heikkinen & Hanna Rantala DigiOn-project

13.00                                         Lunch
14.30 – 17.30 Annual meeting at Eurooppa-sali
18.30                                         Walking from hotel to Villa Kivi
19.00 – 22.00 Dinner party at Villa Kivi

Friday 19th of April
8.20                                            Metro from hotel to Myllypuro Metropolia campus
9.00                                            Introduction to workshops
9.15                                            Workshop round 1
Participants can choose 2 from 4 different workshops
10.30                                         Workshop round 2
11.15                                         Conclusions and discussion
12.00                                         Hymy-village visit
12.30                                         Closing the AM with lunch
13.30                                         The end