Here you will find all the information related to the ANBI status of ENIEC.

Our organisation has been designated as a public welfare insitution (ANBI). Your donation is therefor tax deductible in the Netherlands and possible in other EU countries.

ENIEC is a non-profit organisation, an association with members from different European countries.
The budget of ENIEC is formed by a yearly fee from members and by contributions of city councils or organisations in the country where we organise our Annual Meeting.

ENIEC doesn’t have a director or paid staff. The members who are in the board and the different working groups are not paid for their work. They are volunteers whose expenses are compensated.

The RSIN or fiscal number of ENIEC is: 818906583
Adress: Charley Tooropstraat 28 | 2272 TW | Voorburg | The Netherlands
KVK (Chamber of Commerce) number: 27311293

Financial report 2020

Statement 2020