Annual Meeting 2021

We would like to welcome you to the annual meeting of ENIEC! Together with all of you, we are going to make it a beautiful and special event. We will do this entirely appropriate for this special period. So online! Of course, we would prefer to meet each other life but we are sure that will all make it a fun, interactive and unforgettable online meeting!

This year the theme of the meeting is ‘inclusion’. We are highlighting this theme from different angles. It is a theme we all have to deal with both at work and in our own lives.

Many ENIEC members will contribute to the program of the meeting. The program is as varied as possible with attention to content but also room for social activities. In short, a vibrant whole with an active contribution of everyone!

We are looking forward to meeting you all on March 11!

The Organizing Committee, Ela, Carolien and Yvonne


Message February 2021

Dear ENIEC Members,
This crazy, adventurous year is passing by so quickly. 2021 is waiting for us, with a great extra touch: we will meet as ENIEC members! Unfortunately, we will not be able to meet in real life due to COVID-19 measures, so everything will take place online. Luckily we got used to that, and an online meeting offers also interesting opportunities. So make sure to save this date for our annual online meeting: March 11th and 12th 2021 (Thursday and Friday).
Practical information

  • The meeting will be hosted through Zoom
  • The general theme of the meeting will be ‘Inclusion’
  •  The General Assembly will be on Friday
  •  The program will be interesting and challenging

We are also inviting you to help us, so we can make this meeting truly perfect, together. As Eniec members, we need to work together: we need you!
We need some members who like to participate in our:
1.Catering group: during lunch breaks and during Thursday’s dinner, we want to do something together. We would love to have a creative catering group that thinks of creative ways to still enjoy food together: cooking the same meal at the same time, for example, so we can all enjoy our collective Eniec experience, even when we’re miles away.
2.Cafes: during coffee breaks we like to organise different “cafes” in for instance break-out rooms, with different music, from all countries that are represented. We would love to find members with creative ideas or a passion for coffee or cafes who would enjoy helping out!
3.Technology group: we also need people to help us out with anything technology-related to make this virtual meeting work smoothly. Are you fond of Mentimers? Online Polls? Helping members entering the session?
Please let us know if you would like to join any of the groups mentioned above! We would be eternally grateful!
During the meeting, we would like to organise a session in which some members pitch the projects that they are developing together, so we can share the power of Eniec! If you have any ideas or if you are involved in a project together with other Eniec members, let us know, we are incredibly curious.
And, of course, if you stumble upon new ideas for the meeting, please do not hesitate to let us know!