Annual meeting 2022

ENIEC will organise the Annual Meeting as a Diptych in 2022 and 2023. A diptych is term used in the world of art, it is one painting on two panels. We plan to make a great Annual Meeting-painting over the next two years. In 2022, we invite all ENIEC members to The Hague and also Dutch experts to explore our topic, and in 2023 we will travel to Gdansk for our Annual Meeting, and Polish experts will join us.

The theme of our one-meeting over two years is (re)connection which was always a central topic for ENIEC, but we feel that it is more important than ever. We will discuss the ways how to (re)connect to our aims after COVID-19 and celebrate the 15-year anniversary of ENIEC. We would also like to explore the ways to connect European professionals and volunteers willing to work on better circumstances in healthcare, elderly care, and workspaces.

We will keep you posted about the details, but for now we opened the registration for the event: