Do you want to support ENIEC to be more inclusive for professionals from all across Europe?
The aim of ENIEC is to provide a platform for the exchange of good practices, knowledge and experiences related to care for older migrants and ethnic minorities. The network is non-profit and financed by membership fees.
For some members, it is very difficult to pay the membership fee and the travel to the ENIEC annual meeting. This can be because they live in a country with lower incomes and/or because their institution or organization cannot pay their fee and travel. We therefore offer a reduced membership fee to our (potential) members who struggle to pay the fee.
As the ENIEC Network, it is important to us to be inclusive to members from all countries and organizations. By making a donation to ENIEC, you help us to offer a reduced membership fee to those who need it!
A donation can be done to the ENIEC bank account:
IBAN‐Number:        NL71 INGB 0008383616
ING Bank N.V., Foreign operations PO Box 1800, 1000 BV Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Please, indicate that your wire is a donation.
On behalf of all our members, thank you for your donation!