Annual meetings last for two and a half days, and they take place in one of the home cities of Eniec members. The meetings are organized on a rotating basis, and the actual program is developed by local organizing committees and the Eniec board on a voluntary basis. So far the following annual meetings have been held:

  • Madrid (2018): Religion and spirituality in the lives of elderly migrants
  • Pecs (2017): The Roma minorities
  • Frankfurt (2016): The power of the network
  • Istanbul (2015): Turkish elderly care system
  • Oslo (2014): Dementia and memory disorders
  • Brussels (2013): Our fellow elderly: participatory activities in disadvantaged neighbourhoods
  • Amsterdam (2012): Active Ageing and empowering elderly migrants and refugees
  • Gothenburg (2011)
  • Helsinki (2010): Elderly in Finnish ethnic minorities
  • Frankfurt (2009)
  • The Hague (2008)
  • Copenhagen (2007): The inaugural meeting