History of ENIEC


The idea of ENIEC was created as a Dutch-Danish collaboration in 2005, by the founding members Grete Madsen and Jan Booij. The founding idea emphasised the exchange of ideas and practices between individual members who are enthusiastic about developing and improving the quality of elderly care for elderly migrans. With the support of the cities of The Hague and Copenhagen, a two-day inaugural meeting was held in Copenhagen in March 2007. 38 professionals participated from across Europe.

At the Copenhagen inaugural meeting, the participants elected a board with the authority to formally establish ENIEC as a members’ network. In 2007 ENIEC became registered officially and legally as a Dutch association at the Chamber of Commerce in The Hague. Until today ENIEC’s official domicile and address are in The Hague.

ENIEC has organised yearly annual meetings since its kick-off: Gdansk (2023) The Hague (2022), Online (2021), Bristol (2019), Madrid (2018),  Pecs (2017), Frankfurt (2016), Istambul (2015),  Oslo (2014), Brussels (2013), Amsterdam (2012), Gothenburg (2011),  Helsinki (2010), Frankfurt (2009), The Hague (2008), and Copenhagen (2007)

History of Eniec  Grete Madsen jan Booij