Mission and Objectives

Within Europe there are inequalities in health and well-being. Also the quality and accessibility of health, social care and prevention activities differs significantly between groups. Healthcare and social work do not always fit the needs of older migrants. ENIEC focuses on the rights, better understanding and acceptance of older persons from ethnic minorities
in Europe, so that they can live in an environment of understanding and respect. In line with this aim, ENIEC’s mission is to contribute to:

  • achieving an equal chance on good health, well-being and quality of life for older persons from
    ethnic minorities within Europe and
  • ensuring that the strengths and valuable contribution of older persons from ethnic minorities to
    societies are visible and acknowledged

How does ENIEC achieve these goals?

ENIEC will – through its members – enhance the knowledge and positive image of intercultural
work in elderly care, social work, public health and the public sector, teaching, science and policy
making, as well as politically through facilitating and initiating (public) debates and discussion in
their countries. Members make efforts to increase the focus of decision makers, the public and the
media on health and well-being for older persons from ethnic minorities both at a national and a
European level.

ENIEC supports and empowers its members working in the different fields by sharing knowledge,
experiences and good practices from different European countries.

ENIEC facilitates this by organizing an Annual Meeting for all members once a year in a country of
one of the members. Here members share ideas and new initiatives amongst each other and with
local stakeholders.

ENIEC connects and keep members updated throughout the year by the ENIEC website and regular newsletters, where contributions from all members are welcomed. Joint initiatives, connections, cooperation and meetings between members within countries and across borders are highly encouraged.

ENIEC promotes – through its members – research on European older persons from ethnic
minorities that is done in an ethical and respectful manner based on equality. This requires
communication and methods that are respectful and understandable for everyone.

ENIEC works together with and supports local, national and European organizations that want to achieve an equal chance on good health and wellbeing for older persons from ethnic minorities.

ENIEC stimulates these organizations to provide health, wellbeing and quality of life for all older persons from ethnic minorities through person-centered health and social care based on equity


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