Programme 2022

Program outline Annual Meeting ENIEC The Hague May 15-17 2022

Sunday may 15 Monday may 16 Tuesday May 17
  7-8 Breakfast 7-8 Breakfast
  8-8.45 Transfer to Julianaplaza 8-8.45 Transfer to Nolenshaghe
  9-12.30 Program: Presentations, Social Dynamics and Discussion; Coffeebreak 9-12.00 General assembly, Coffeebreak; Introducing Gdansk and Upcoming events. Thank you moment!
  12.30-13.30 Lunch 12-12.30 Presentation nursing home
16-17.15 New members meeting with the board at Mercure Hotel 13.30-14.00: Introduction to the field trip in the neighbourhood 12.30-13.30 Lunch

End of the Annual meeting

15-17 All members arriving at hotal Mercure – Registration  welcoming committee in the hall of the hotel 14.00-17 Transfers/short walk in the neighboorhood and site visits 13.30 Transfer to the city center
16.30-17 Transfer/short walk to Haagwonen 17-18 Sharing observations 14.00 Start optional program
17-17.30 Arriving at Haagwonen 18-19 Preparing for dinner  
17.30-18.30 Opening AM The Hague 19-20.30 Dinner, celebrating jubileum and introducing new members  
18.30-21.00 Buffet and introducing program 20.30-21.30 Dancing  
  21.30 Transport to city center/hotel  






Where we stay and where we will welcome you te register on Sunday 15th of May:

Hotel Mercure

Spui 180

Den Haag


Where we have are opening ceremony on Sunday-evening 15th of May:


Waldorpstraat 80

Den Haag

Where we will be all day at Monday 16th of May:


Schalk Burgerstraat 217

Den Haag


Where we will have our General Assembly on Tuesday 17th of May:

Nursinghome Saffier Nolenshaghe

Monsseigneur Nolenslaan 72

Den Haag


Where we will go for a free optional program:

Somewhere in the citycenter of The Hague….