Program annual meeting 2024

Human rights in older persons everyday live

The ENIEC Annual Meeting 2024 will dive into older people’s everyday lives from the perspective of human rights. 

The organizing committee has put together an interesting program in Helsinki, to have the opportunity to meet, learn, discuss, share and exchange experiences, ideas and good practices.

The 2 days program is now available.

Wednesday 17th of April

14.30-15.30       Registration at the Hotel Helka

14.00-15.30       Voluntary walking tour in the city center

15.30                   Walking together from the hotel to City Hall

16.00-18.00      Welcome Reception to the Annual Meeting 2024 at the Helsinki City Hall

      • Welcome by the City of Helsinki
      • Welcome by the Chair of ENIEC and Organizing committee
      • Introduction to the theme
      • Drinks, snacks & Social dynamics

Thursday 18th of April

8.45                    Walking from hotel to Eurooppa-sali

9.00                    Human rights perspective on older people’s lives

      • Opening words of the day + Social dynamics
      • Brief overview about Human rights and the report of UN independent expert Claudia Mahler of the older people’s rights situation in Finland, presented by Sanna Ahola
      • Workshop instructions

9.30                    Workshop: older people’s everyday life and connection to Human rights

11.30                  Diving into digitalization

      • Ulla Buchert DigiIn –project, University of Helsinki
      • Sari Heikkinen & Hanna Rantala, Laurea University of Applied Sciences

13.00                  Lunch

14.30 – 17.30  General Assembly at Eurooppa-sali

18.30                  Walking from hotel to Villa Kivi

19.00 – 22.00  Dinner party at Villa Kivi

Friday 19th of April

8.20                    Metro from hotel to Myllypuro Metropolia campus

9.00                    Introduction to workshops

9.15                    Workshop round 1

                            Participants can choose 2 from 4 different workshops

10.30                  Workshop round 2

11.15                  Conclusions and discussion

12.00                  Hymy-village visit

12.30                  Closing the AM with lunch

13.30                   End of the formal meeting