Structure and Statutes

We try to do things simple, also in terms of our formal organisation. ENIEC has a flat structure, we grow moderately, and we seek to avoid unnecessary bureaucracy. We hold onto these principles as a means to secure that the perspectives of all members and countries are represented. The membership fee (148€/year) is low in order to make sure that all professionals interested in the subject matter can participate.

All tasks are carried out on a voluntary basis. The board functions as ENIEC’s secretariat and is in charge of overseeing the organisation of the association’s responsibilities. ENIEC members participate in carrying out various secretariat tasks and may work in working groups as needed. The organising committee is responsible for organising the annual meeting. The board, member responsibilities and working groups are established during the General Assemby on the last day of each annual meeting.

For more details, download ENIEC statutes.

General assembly

Held at Eniec annual meeting

Eniec Board

4 board members
elected for 2 years

Accounting committee
2 members elected for 1 year

  • Frédéric Lauscher (Germany)
  • Ingrid Coleridge (Netherlands)

Communication workgroup

  • Olivia Vanmechelen (Belgium)
  • Nikolett Arnold (Hungary)

Financial strategy workgroup

  • Frédéric Lauscher (Germany)
  • Elisabeth van de Vries
  • Conny van der Aalsvoort (Netherlands)
  • Kia Golesorkhi Jungayr (Hungary)
  • Lola Casal-Sanchez (Spain)
  • Marie-Anne van Erp (Netherlands)

Booklet workgroup

  • Saloua Berdai
  • Wendela Gronthoud
  • Ineke de Kam
  • Yvonne Witter

Organising committee

Elected to organize next
year’s annual meeting