ENIEC contribution to the UNCHR Global Compact on Refugees

In 2017 ENIEC was invited to participate in the working group lead by The NGO Committee on Ageing to submit recommendations for older refugees to the UNHCR — which will hopefully influence the forthcoming UNHCR Global Compact on Refugees.

The New York Declaration on Refugees and Migrants, which was adopted unanimously by the General Assembly in 2016, to strengthen global response to people on the move set in motion a process for the development of a global compact on refugees, to be proposed to the General Assembly in 2018.This process provided an important opportunity to promote the rights of older persons in refugee response.

ENIEC members Nikolett Arnold,  Erika Marek Kia Golesorkhi, Zoltan Katz and  Lola Casal-Sanchez worked together with colleagues from all over the world to ensure that #elderly #migration #diversity perspective will be included on The Development of the UNHCR Global Compact!

You can review the recommendations, on www.eniec.eu and on http://ageingcommitteegeneva.org/ http://ageingcommitteegeneva.org/

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