Annual Meeting 2018: Impression of a first time ENIEC member

Anndeloris Chacon

Bristol Black Carers say “Thank You” Mr. Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol for introducing us to European Network on Intercultural Elderly Care.  It was an honour to be the first English speaking member of ENIEC and to represent my charity, the city of Bristol and United Kingdom.

Our charity is working with unpaid/informal carers and their family in the community to access or use services that are relevant to them.

As a new member I did not know what to expect but it was enlightening, empowering and motivating to learn what is being delivered in the different countries with such passion.

The session at the Spanish Institute for Older Persons and Social Services was very informative and should the possibility of making what appears normal for us without limitations to be accessible for those who have limitations.

The Welcome Ceremony at the City Hall was inspiring listening to the speakers who all shared different perspectives of developing services for the elderly. To identify that the culture of individuals is an important factor in their life which has a greater impact as they grow older. The factor that the government of Madrid has taken an interest in this issue is a major influence for ENIEC.

I attended Session III – Religious practices among Chinese communities. This helped me understand some of the information that has been shared with me from our Chinese community in Bristol.

The Annual Meeting has highlighted for me that we are all facing the same issues no matter which part of the world we migrated from or migrated to.

Over all meeting everyone was a positive experience, to be welcomed by all the warm hearts.