Farewell to Greta

Nikolett Arnold

Grete Madson, one of the co-founders of ENIEC had said farewell to us. Her decision has been communicated among members during the Annual Meeting in Madrid. The Board members did not hesitate to think of a superb farewell gift for her in which everyone could share a story in a memory book that was full of pictures of Grete. Dear Grete, we would like to thank you for your passion, your commitment and your advocacy for the well being of old migrants and that you have made it possible for ENIEC to grow strong and faithful to its values and mission along this 11 years. We wish to thank you also for all your support and guidance along these years. We wish you all the best for your future projects and hope to keep in touch.


Let us share a video with you, Jan Booij has delivered Grete the message and the memory book we have put together for her during the Annual Meeting in Madrid.