Frankfurter Verband visits the Netherlands

Employees of the Frankfurter Verband, including Ute Bychovski, director of care and Fréderic Lauscher, general director visited organizations in The Hague and Delft. Looking for new ideas and inspiration. They visited the day care center of WZH Transvaal, where they were received by Desha Davies and Suzanne Koot and the care farm BuitenGewoon in Delfgauw, where Arjo Buijs told how this farm originated and from which vision they work. In Transvaal, Feruze Sarikas also talked about Haags Ontmoeten.

The first visit went to GGD Haaglanden where they were hosted by Thomas Eckhardt, together with Milena Kärtner, both working in The Hague, but coming from Frankfurt. Thomas is a member of the medical directorate and is a public health adviser at GGD Haaglanden, Milena works as an Internationalization lecturer at Haagse Hogeschool. The municipality of The Hague was also visited, with Elisabeth de Vries, policy adviser for the elderly policy, and her colleagues as hostess. Here, the Hague and Frankfurt were discussed extensively as age-friendly cities. In short, several ENIEC members from both countries met each other. A long walk on the beach, talking during dinner, Panorama Mesdag, one of the largest paintings in the world and the highlights of The Hague were of course also part of the trip