A week dedicated to ageism and migration!

October 22 – 29, is the week dedicated to ageism and migration!

ENIEC members are invited to participate in this campaign launched by AGE Platform to mark the 70th anniversary of the International Human Rights Day

During 10 weeks, AGE Platform dedicates each week to cover a specific theme to illustrate the widespread effect of ageism and how it affects different groups in society. October 22 – 29, is the week dedicated to ageism and migration!

 You can participate in this campaign by sharing your projects, your blogs,  personal experiences of ageing (what does it mean for you/them?),  examples that illustrate the pervasiveness of ageism (also in combination with other discrimination); good practices and initiatives to fight ageism (that would go into the “good practice” section of the website of AGEplatform).  The contributions do not have to be long nor to be exclusive – you can reuse something you’ve already published somewhere else. Please, do not forget to add that you are ENIEC member

You can read here the AgeingEqual_GuideForPartners and more information here

You can contact Estelle Huchet, for more information Estelle.Huchet@age-platform.eu