Openness about Dementia film release

by Reidun Ingebretsen, NOVA, Oslo Metropolitan University


September 26. 2018 a new information film about dementia in North Sami
language was released in Kautokeino. The film is called “Openness about
dementia” The film provides information on dementia, communication and
health and care services. The film is based on Sami cultural perspective.
The film have text in Norwegian . Responsible for the film is Norwegian
National Advisory Unit on Ageing and Health (Ageing and Health) on
behalf of the Norwegian Directorate of Health

Sami people are indigenous people in Norway, and this film is an important
step in meeting the needs of North Sami next of kin and others in the face of
dementia. The work is continuing to develop material in Lule Sami and
South Sami language as well.