Book the days for our AM – 13,14,15 March 2019!

Our Chair, Lola Casal-Sanchez and the chair of the organizing committee, Anndeloris Chacon, has met today with the authorities of the City Government of Bristol to close the details for our meeting 2019!

Helen Holland, Cabinet Member with responsibility for Adult Social Care, on behalf of Marvin Rees, Major of Bristol has expressed they are delightedĀ to host our AM and have kindly offered to warmly welcome us on the city hall the first day of our meeting.

During the next weeks, the organizing committee, together with the board and the city hall will work together to shape the program that will be designed around different themes such as the social participation of older migrants and ethnic minorities groups, how to approach mental health and dementia among migrants and minorities, etc. If you want to propose any topic, or would like to facilitate an activity kindly let us know We will be happy to hear your proposals

Bristol is the largest city in the South West and one of the ten ā€˜Core Citiesā€™ in Great Britain. With a diverse population, several organizations have already sharedĀ their interest in participating in the organizing committee and learn and share experiences and good practices withĀ ENIE members:Ā  Bristol Somali Resource Centre,Ā Avon Chinese Women’s Group,Ā Bristol Black Carers, African Caribeen association, South-Asia group, etc.

In our next newsletter, you will have more information on the arrangements and organizationĀ for our AM

We look forward to seeing you in Bristol!