Board Meeting in Tallinn

Lola Casa-Sanchez (chair), Conny van der Aalsvoort, Nikki Arnold

The new year has started and our busy board has already launched a meeting last January 16th  which has been a long-awaited event as we did not meet in person since Bristol last June. Of course, the board has been well connected through Skype and emails, but it is always easier to work when we meet in person. The meeting was celebrating in Tallinn and hosted by Siiri Jackson who booked the hotel, restaurants, and meeting rooms.

During these two days, our Chair Lola Casal-Sanchez, Conny Connyer Aalsvoort, and Nikki Arnold discussed face to face the actions of the previous year in detail concerning the website and financial strategy. Due to a last minute appointment, Sari Heinekken joined the team via Skype. The board also held a Skype meeting with the organizing committee of #EniecAM in Bristol to finalize the program and sorted out many questions together.

Besides the logistics, Siri Jaakson, our Estonian member in Tallinn, arranged some appointments withEstoniann colleagues who we hope will be interested in joining our network. Thank you very much Siiri for showing us around and helping with the organization of this endeavor. Tallinn is quite interesting place to be and visit, the place where weather changes from sunshine to snowstorm in only 5 minutes