ENIEC-power in Narva, Estonia

written by Jennifer van der Broeke
On September 19th all ingredients of the ENIEC-recipe came together.
•members helping each other
•members sharing their knowledge with others
•members learning from others
•a whole lot of fun
The Estionian Dementia Competence Centre met with ENIEC-member Siiri Jaakson earlier this year. Within the hour they planned to organize a conference together. And here we are today! ENIEC-members Frans Hoogeveen, Conny van der Aalsvoort, Lola Sanchez-Casal, Siiri Jaakson and Jennifer van den Broeke gave presentations in Narva, Estonia for an audience of 150 people.
Estonia is working hard at achieving more coordination in dementia services. In a very short period, using e.g. WHO’s Global Dementia Observatory, they created improvements in services, seminars for family members, training for professionals, a national phone line, and many more initiatives.
A wonderful event to be a part of! Lola gave a very inviting presentation about ENIEC. Conny and Jennifer also gave warm recommendations to become a member. All in all good advertisement for the coming AM in Tallinn!!