Norwegian Project to Spread Information for Elderly Migrants on COVID-19

written by Rita Weum

Integrerings- og mangfoldsdirektoratetĀ – IMDi (The Norwegian Directorate of Intergration and Diversity) announced an extraordinary grant to volontary organizations to disseminate the authorities` information about the coronavirus to the immigrant population in the municipalities. Application deadline was April 29th. The projects, 150 in all, will be reporting to IMDi. The final reports are due to be delivered January 2021.Ā


Norwegian Health AssociationĀ in collaboration with The Norwegian National Advisory Unit on Ageing and Health made an application together on how to reach the elderly migrants. The Project is called Ā«Making adapted information to older migrants about Covid-19Ā». We have made contact with several organizations and municipalities to discuss how to make correct and current information and how to spread the message to older migrants.

We intend to make films, posters and leaflets in 5 different languages.

The information will be about health literacy, infection control, family and social contact and activities of daily living during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In July we launched a film that attaches infection control to social gatherings.Ā Speech and subtitles are so far made in urdu, arabic and somali. Here are the links to this project`s first products: