Inspiring Brainstorm on AM 2021

Written by Conny Van der Aalsvoort

On the 15th of October we had a first brainstorm-meeting with ENIEC-members to gather ideas for an online AM in 2021. It was great to see and hear Yvonne, Carolien, Susanna, Siiri, Eva, Jan, Lola, Elisabeth, Ela, Ann and Nikki again. We realized how much we have missed our meeting this year!

And, although we surely regret that we cannot meet in person next year, we are sure that we will have a great alternative online meeting. There is so much creativity among our members and we have so  much to share, we can easily make a program for a few days. At the same time, we have all experienced that staying online for a whole day is very tiresome. So, we are not doing that!

What are we going to do then? Can we still have our informal chats? Will we have inspiring talks and insights of another country? And last but not least: Will we have our dance?

Rest assured: we will have an enriching and warm meeting. Would like to take part in organizing component? Please send an email to Carolien Smits: