ENIEC Board Meeting in Gdansk

The Board decided to hold a hybrid meeting last weekend. Nikolett and Elżbieta met in Gdańsk, where the Annual Meeting 2023 will take place. Elisabeth was staying in The Hague, taking care of the preparation of the AM 2022. Jennifer could not attend the meeting, but she was with us in spirit. If I was to describe our meeting with one word, I would say “busy”😊.

We were discussing the organization of the AM in The Hague. It is hard to believe that we will meet so soon. I would like to thank the organizing committee for their amazing work. I can promise you that you will be satisfied with the program.

As always, the Board had to make sure that ENIEC’s finances and all the documents are in order. We tried to summarize the last year of ENIEC’s activities and talked about future possibilities and challenges.

The meeting was special due to the awareness that there is a war going on and people are dying in a country neighboring Poland. Ukrainian refugees and Ukrainian flags all over the Polish cities constantly reminded us of the war, but also of civic solidarity. We reflected a lot on it during our two-day meeting.

We are so much looking forward to meeting you in less than two months.

Best wishes from Elżbieta, Nikolett, Elisabeth, and Jennifer