The Multipurpose Subregion Association of Pécs has been established in 2004 including 39 settlements, and it was renamed Multipurpose Agglomeration Association of Pécs in 2013. The aim of this association is to deliver cost-effective and efficient public services in accordance with the tasks of regional development, including the regional organization of social and child protection services.

The chair of the Basic Social and Childcare Services Center and Family Nurseries Network of Pécs and its Surroundings is located in Pécs, but its services are offered throughout the settlements of the Multipurpose Agglomeration Association of Pécs. These include the following locations: Pécs, Abaliget, Aranyosgadány, Bakonya, Baksa, Babarcszőlős, Bisse, Bogád, Bosta, Cserkút, Garé, Görcsöny, Gyód, Husztót, Keszü, Kovácsszénája, Kökény, Kővágószőlős, Kővágótöttös, Ócsárd, Orfű, Pellérd, Pogány, Regenye, Romonya, Szalánta, Szava, Szilvás, Szőke, Tengeri, Téseny.

The daycare of the elderly is offered in five micro-departments at locations of the associated local governments in Bakonya, Baksa, Görcsöny, Orfű, and Szalánta. Social catering, home assistance, and alarmed home assistance are also offered in the settlements of the associated local governments.

The General Assembly of the Association modified the Charter in 2012 and added the family nurseries to the system.

The aim of the Center is to offer its services to everyone with equal access opportunities. Its task is to offer basic social and childcare services in the settlements of the associated local governments. Besides that, it synchronizes the basic social care activities, creates a standard care system, and formulates and defines the applied professional criteria. In case it is necessary, it offers help in accessing secondary care facilities. It is also its task to examine the responsibilities (individual, family, family member that is alleged to owe maintenance, living environment, civil association, for-profit organization, local government) in order to ensure the proportion and the quality of basic social and childcare services and to deliver an opinion on the need of care.

Members of the Leading Committee who will join ENIEC: Bokor Zoltán, Dezső Klára, Füzi Lilla Rita, Gorsicsné Thuránszky Ivett, Kelecsényi Judit, Nász András, Rajzik Alexandra, Új Orsolya, Új Zsófia, Vránesicsné Kiss Ágnes, Zsidó Bianka Petra.