ENIEC Annual Meeting 2019 will be held in Bristol! 

We are glad to inform that for the first time in history, ENIEC will hold its Annual meeting in United Kingdom!

On June 15th, the board of ENIEC met with Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol, Cllr. Helen Holland, Labour Councillor – Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care, Terry Dafter, Service Director for Adult Social Care, and Anndeloris Chacon, British ENIEC member and Director of Black Care Bristol to set up the bases of the organizing agreement to welcome XII ENIEC Annual Meeting in Bristol.

Bristol is an out-ward-looking city and one of most ethnically and culturally diverse city in UK, where 91 languages are spoken. Local communities play important roles in defining the identity of the city, something that the board directly experienced during the first meeting with representatives from different local civil society organizations. Among others topics, they presented and shared their daily challenges and initiatives to make Bristol an inclusive place that guarantees the wellbeing of elderly people with a foreign ethnic or minority background in Europe. They also expressed their enthusiastic about ENIEC and the opportunity to be part of our network and join the organizing committee!

The board was amazed and touched by the spirit and energy of the colleagues and Bristol and acknowledges the work and efforts of Anndeloris Chacon who organized and made all the arrangements needed for such successful and enriching meetings! Also, ENIEC wants to thank all organizations presented—Bristol and Avon Chinese Women Group, Asian older people; Malcom X Elders Forum, Evergreen – Caribbean older people; Golden Agers – Caribbean older people; Yello Butterfly – invented aid for older people; Bristol Older Peoples Forum; University West of England; Shining Care – Somalian community; Liverty – housing.

We look forward to working together and developing a program that strengths our network and encourage new colleagues to join capacities and expertise to secure the rights of elderly people with a foreign ethnic or minority background in Europe!

During the next weeks, we will provide more information and details about days, topics, venues and etc

See you in Bristol in 2019!