ENIEC board members held its first meeting after the Annual Meeting in April

On 14-16 June, Eniec’s Board Members met in Bristol, UK, at Bristol Black Cares center, an organization that supports careers and those whom they care for to access mainstream care and health related public services.

Our Chair, Lola Casal-Sanchez, together Conny van der Aalsvort, treasurer of ENIEC and Sari Heikkinen and Nikki Arnold, board members recently elected, had their first face to face meeting after the Annual Meeting that was held in April in Madrid. There were many items on the agenda, but above all, the meeting was focusing on future working methods, the internal work plan, and the cooperation between the board and the different working groups. But the most important discussion was about the forms and structure of cooperation and communication with the members.

During the meeting, they worked together with the three priority areas of ENIEC:

  1. Actively advocate and influence the social and political agenda
  2. Be an attractive network for exchange of knowledge and experience
  3. Upgrade and consolidate the internal organisation of ENIEC

The board also hold a meeting with Anndeloris Chacon, ENIEC British members, and some members of different NGOs to establish the Guidelines on Cooperation to organize Eniec Annual Meeting 2019 in Bristol! A lot of new ideas emerged, and the board and the organizing committee look forward to developing some strategies to implement the proposals and actions discussed.

Bristol is a vibrant and diverse city and the board truly thanks the warm welcome of all new British colleagues, who really impressed for their great dedication, high energy and a fantastic cooperation!

Looking forward to keeping working together! #EniecAM2019