Annual Meeting 2018: Social dynamics activties

Jennifer van der Broeke

One of the many strengths of ENIEC – making collaboration, interchange, advice, sharing and caring during the year possible – is the social component of the network. By knowing each other both on personal grounds and as professionals, we have a relationship build on trust. So the first assignment of the social dynamics activities was to form groups of two or three and exchange personal pictures on our mobile phones, tablets or in our wallet. The participants really opened very quickly up to each other. It was wonderful to experience the lively exchange of meaningful stories that were related to the pictures. We even saw tears in some eyes during the storytelling.

As both inspiration and consolation are other strengths of ENIEC – as we all aim for care for elderly with a migrant background / part of minority groups, but may feel a bit alone with this aim at times in our own countries – the second assignment was about sharing the experiences that inspired us during the last year. As we tend to focus on the difficulties we all face in our work for and with older migrants it empowered the participants just to tell positive experiences. To their surprise there were a lot of them and they worked as vitamins for the ‘ENIEC soul’.

What a diverse network we are: people from many different countries (around the world), with many different occupations and with many different backgrounds! To celebrate this diversity of ENIEC, and not in the least the age diversity and to learn from our own ‘elderly’, ‘middle-aged’ and ‘youth’, we formed three groups: ages up till 35 together, 35-50, 50-65 and 65+ . Each group was asked to give both ENIEC as a network and the ENIEC members advice. We hope that we all make good use of them.


Alleen voor jou  …. J