Annual Meeting 2018: Minutes of the General Assembly

Minutes of the General Assembly of ENIEC

San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Madrid, Spain, April 13th, 2018

  1. Opening

Chairman Lola Casal-Sanchez opened the General Assembly at 9.06 hours.

It was agreed to modify the agenda and the Coffee break was postponed. Members who had to leave earlier could attend the presentation of the financial report

  1. Minutes

ENIEC member Jennifer van den Broeke was assigned to take the minutes.

  1. Report of the board

The Chair presented the report of the working activities in 2017 based on the document sent on the special newsletter. The main achievement for 2017 was the celebration of ENIEC X anniversary, as well as the celebration of the Annual Meeting in Hungary, it was the first time that ENIEC went to an East Europe country

She also remarked the high level of participation of ENIEC members in the different working groups along the year. It was a very good practice with very positive outcomes 

2017 was the year when the booklet group was released and presented to members who received it with a very positive impression

  1. Membership report 2018

Board member Sari Heikkinen explained the membership report.

ENIEC started 2017 with 82 members, along the year 7 new members joined the network and the network ended the year with 71 members. During the AM in Pecs Sari reported that the board developed a new farewell protocol, so all members of ENIEC who decide to leave, receive a letter from the board and are asked the reasons why they leave. They are also invited to write a farewell message to the members on the newsletter.

Between January and April 2018,  20 new members have joined ENIEC. ENIEC was now presented in 15 countries and counted with 81 members. For the Annual Meeting in Madrid 62 were registered but there were some last minutes cancelations

Varied professional profiles for the members: coordinators, project workers and leaders, managers, researchers, students, nurses, psychologists, teachers, lecturers, doctors, volunteers, social workers, advisors, etc.

Sari Heikkinen explained that there is a new European privacy regulation, GDPR-General Data Protection that applies to ENIEC, so the board together with Harry Moeskop will develop a proposal to send to members to meet this new legal requirement.

Questions were invited from the floor. No comments arose.

  1. Working Groups report

Lola Casal recalled that during the last years, ENIEC shaped several working groups to develop and implement several projects such as booklet group, newsletter group or communication group. This has been a positive experience. Members were willing to actively participate in groups and being connected along the year.

Recruitment group – reported by Sari Heikkinen. Members involved: Sari Heikkinen, Jan Booij, Yvonne Schikhof and Jennifer van den Broeke. The aim was to recruit 10 new members. The group explained that they approached people from different backgrounds and from different countries to maintain the diversity of ENIEC. There was a proposal to develop a new group of members who did not pay the fee but wanted to keep receiving news from ENIEC, they will be called ENIEC friends. Before proceeding with this group it is important to assess the GDPR.

Newsletter group – reported by Sari Scheinberg. Members involved: Sari Scheinberg, Tina Pan, Olivia Vanmechelen, and Susanna Lehtovaara. Olivia stated that the main challenge for the editors was to get all articles in time. There was no face-to-face meeting during the year and she also reported that It was helpful that the newsletter group consists of ENIEC-members living in different countries.

The chair mentioned the new website will provide more possibilities for finding topics in newsletters.

Booklet group – reported by Yvonne Witter. The booklet was available as a hard copy as well as online on ENIEC website. Members involved in the project were  Saloua Berdai, Wendela Gronthoud, Ineke de Kam and Yvonne Witter. In 2017, all members received 3 booklets and along the year members asked for more booklets to take to meetings, to reach new members, or to bring to conferences. Saloua informed that she presented the booklet to the Belgian minister of health and that the booklet had also been used in a Belgian educational programme. She encouraged ENIEC members to try to introduce the booklet to their governments.

Communication group – reported by Hanna Rantala. Members involved: Harry Moeskop, Lola Casal-Sanches, Olivia Vanmechelen, Frederic Lauscher and Hannah Rantala. The members of the group followed up on the presentation made during the Annual Meeting. ENIEC had a new business image more modern and fresh. It required a lot of work and effort but the new website will be launched before summer, then the new communication group will take over.

The communication group expressed that they were satisfied with the result and with the process. Olivia and Harry informed about the next steps and how the editors’ group and the communication group will work together as one main group to fill in the content of the website so it could really be a  useful communication platform,

Olivia explained that there will be 2 people in the communication group that will work as “editors”: Olivia and Nikki Arnold. Lola Casal will act as supporter member. They will be responsible to upload the information on the website and distribute it to the members.

There will be some members called local ambassadors who will be responsible to collect the information on their country and send it to the editors who will upload it on the website.

The following members volunteered to be local ambassadors:

  • Hungary: Kia Golesorkhi
  • Finland: Susanna Lehtovaara
  • Germany: Meltem Baskaya
  • Sweden: Sari Scheinberg
  • Belgian: Saloua Berdai
  • The Netherlands: Fatos Ipek- Demir
  • Norway: (non registered on the minutes)

The chair explained that the municipality of The Hague, the Netherlands, donated 10.000€ to support the development of the new website. ENIEC thanked and acknowledge the continuous support received from the Hague alongthe years

  1. Financial report

Board member Conny van der Aalsvoort  reported on this topic using a power point.

She informed that last year there was an updating of the Legal Status on ENIEC at the Chamber of Commerce in The Hague. On the legal documents, there were still registered the initial board members. 

Conny also explained that a new bank account was opened and money will be transferred along this year. The old bank account was not on the name of ENIEC, and it required a key machine to access online to the bank account The new bank account was opened at ING, it had directly online access and it wason the name of ENIEC.

Regarding ENIEC expenses, Conny reported that the board kept their expenses under the budget, and they held three meetings face to face instead of four to compensate the high cost of the two board meeting in Helsinki and in Pecs. They also got 5 skype board meetings

The expenses of the working groups were also under the budget and she acknowledged their efforts to not spend more than budgeted. She also thanked the City of The Hague and Elizabeth Van Der Vries for their economic support.

She explained that there was one expens that was not budgeted and it was the representation of ENIEC during the Age Friendly City Conference in THe Hague.

Auditors report 2017
Members involved: Harry Moeskop, Ingrid and Els Nof. Harry informed that they hold one face to face meeting and the rest of the year they worked online. It was a year of transition as ELs and Harry wil be no longer on the auditors group. Frederic Lausher will be the new member of auditors group.

The Chair acknowledged and thanked the labor and contribution of Harry and Els as auditors during the last years.

Budget 2018
Challenges for the coming year Conny reported that it was important to keep working on increasing the visibility of ENIEC and allocate some money for attending meetings or conference as last year in the Hague. It was a positive experience with 4  new members that was the reason why there was a new item on the budget named “Public and Institutional Relations”.

She also reported that each year was a bigger challenge to find a venue for the annual meeting because hotel, meals, transportations were more expenses. This created more difficulties and challenges for ENIEC members to raise money and organize an annual meeting, as it happened in Finland.

Last year in Pecs, the organizing committee received 2000€ extra and this year 2018, the organizing committee had also requested some extra money.

Future financial strategy

Conny explained that ENIEC losses money every year so it was needed to develop a financial strategy to look for new economic opportunities to cover the annual expenses. She explained that the board would like to propose to create a new financial group, This group will be chaired by Lola Casal.

ENIEC-member Jan Booij manifested his concerns about the ENIEC financial strategy and stated that the financial strategy was not about only collecting money, but it was a strategy related to what ENIEC was. For him, the work of this group had to be related to what ENIEC was about, and link this to a financial strategy. He pointed out that ENIEC existed for the elderly migrants of Europe and it was important to be careful with EU money and with funding from companies.

Solidarity fund
It was reported that last year the members agreed to develop solidarity fund for ENIEC-members from Eastern and South-eastern European countries because income and welfare in countries differed substantially. 500€ were allocated to this fund and some of them were used to support some ENIEC members. Unfortunately, it was not well explained how this fund works because it was wrongly associated to the payment of the ENIEC invoice. Along this year, the board will try to explain it better and make sure members are invited to give extra financial support.

Financial report was unanimously approved

  1. Elections of the board members

Sari Scheinberg was the link with the nominating committee shaped by Kristel Logghe and Eva Rönkkö who led the election. Eva explained that the two positions occupied by Sari Heikkinen and Sari Scheinberg must be voted.

There were three candidates ENIEC-member Niki Arnold (Hungary) Sari Heikkinen (Finland) and Sari Scheinberg (Sweden).

Tellers: Jan Booij, Susanna Lehtovaara, Hanna Rantala, Roy Wesenhagen and Eva Rönkkö.

New board members elected: Niki Arnold (Hungary) Sari Heikkinen (Finland).

The board expressed their gratitude to the contribution that Sari Scheinberg has given these past years.

The new board will consist of: Lola Casal-Sanchez, chair (Spain), Conny van der Aalsvoort (Netherlands), Sari Heikkinen (Finland) and Nikki Arnold.

  1. Closure

The Chair informed that there was not a venue to Eniec Annual 2019 yet, but members will be informed soon.

The chair asked the organising committee to come forward and thanks them: Ruth Franco, Yvonne Witter, Roy Wesenhagen and Hanna Rantala (chair of the organising committee). And Lola Casal-Sanchez was thanked for her great contribution in organising the meeting.

All reports of the General Assembly  were unanimously approved and the Chair closed the XI Eniec General Assembly was closed at 12.05