Annual Meeting 2018: Introduction of the new board members

Why do I want to continue on the Board?

I’m a gerontologist, I’m a senior Lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences, Laurea, I’m a mother, daughter, sister, wife, friend and a member of ENIEC network. My identity is Finnish, it is Northern European, it is European and it is worldwide. ENIEC network gives all its members a possibility to represent whatever the individual they are like. The strength of the network lies in the acceptance, respect and difference. There was a time when I thought that it would be interesting to classify the typical ENIEC member and I thought what kind of that would be. Fortunately, I understood quickly enough that it is not necessary to classify anything, it is not necessary to try to find anything typical from the members of the network. That would have been just a waste of time, why would we need stereotypes when we talk about people?

I am happy to be part of ENIEC network and happy to work on the Board with the membership issues. I have contacted all the members via e-mails, phone calls, and social media and so on. That job takes time but it is worth of it. I’m lucky to get lot of hugs from the members who are all unique.

Sari J Heikinnen


The first time I heard about ENIEC was when my colleagues arrived home from their first annual meeting in Frankfurt. They actually came home with the news that the next annual meeting of this cheerful and colorful group would be in Pécs. Then, I met Lola and the two Saris, Sari Heikinnen and Sari Scheinberg when they came to Pécs to check out the venues and see how we could work together. It was very interesting for me how these three completely different women could work together so sufficiently for one cause that was in their hearts, and that was ENIEC. It was great to become part of this experience then, and absolutely an honor to be a member of the Board now. I do hope I will be able to meet your expectations. I will be working with the newsletter as part of the Board which is something that is also very close to my heart, as I have been writing articles and editing school papers already in high school. It already gives me a great nostalgic feeling.

Nikolett Arnold