Dementia care training in Frankfurt initiated by our members

Jan Booij

Frans Hoogeveen and Jan Booij have developed a three-day study trip to Frankfurt concerning the well-being of elderly with dementia in June. The aim of the field trip was to exchange best practices and to learn from eachother. The participants visited the Julie Roger Haus of the Frankfurter Verband and Oberin Martha Keller Haus Daycare of the Agaplesion Markus Diakonie. In the program they met some of our other members, like Frédéric Lauscher, Ute Bychovski and Meltem Baskaya. The Frankfurter Verband is the biggest welfare and care organization in Frankfurt with more than 100 small and large locations, including nursing homes, day care, home care, meeting and service centers and internet cafes with 1500 employees. Jan and Frans organize these trips with the aim to get inspiration and learn from each other in Europe. An other such a trip is considered to be held in Finland and Italy and maybe one of those years in China. In informal talks with German and Dutch professionals they also talked about ENIEC. Frankfurt is a very divers city and beside the Frankfurter Verband other care and welfare organisations feel the responsibility to organise good care for elderly who were born far away, where the grow old.