Are we too late for a divers-sensitive dementia care?

Are we too late for a divers-sensitive dementia care?” with this question Saloua Berdai, Eniec member and expert in sensitive dementia care, has challenged the participants on a workshop organized by DiversElderlyCare during the World Alzheimer’s Day, last 21 September

During the session, the participants have enriched the debates and discussions with their personal and professional experiences and have highlighted  the inequalities that exist related to the time when old migrants and ethnic minority groups are prescribed, the ratio of acceptance in nursing facilities or the different perceptions about care during the end of life 

It is our mission as ENIEC member to raise awareness and challenge the stigma that surrounds dementia among old migrants and from ethnic minorities, and denounce that some of these inequalities are consequences of cultural differences, previous negative experiences with healthcare personnel or systems, limited awareness and knowledge, language barriers and the ability to utilize

The participants of the workshop concluded that it might be a bit late for the current old migrants, however, providing divers-sensitive dementia care is possible if we keep learning from each other and sharing good practices and experiences, something that we know very well in ENIEC, a network for sharing and learning, etc.

Congratulations Saloua Berdai and the colleagues from Diverse Oudere. You can read all the report on this link