100% Leven. Levenslessen van 100-plussers – A Book by Yvonne Witter

100% Leven. Levenslessen van 100-plussers (100% Lives. Lives lessons from 100 years old and plus), it is a book written by Yvonne Witter that depicts 26 interviews of centenarian men and women who have shared their life lessons.

The Project that started as a nice idea to develop during a holiday-time ended up as a personal project to honor her grandfather that has taken Yvonne all around The Netherlands for months. The output is this wonderful book that not only shows the wisdom that these centenarian men have accumulated over their long lives but also their great life-lessons: “Never complain, but continue and stay busy“, “Accept people as they are” and “If you experience disappointments, put them in a handkerchief and throw them away.

You can read more about the book, the blog of Yvonne as well as journal press release on these links:




Congratulations Yvonne!