Power to older migrants

written by Fatos Ipek Demir

In my career of 20 years in the field of welfare and care I noticed that the voice of older migrants in The Netherlands is not heard. Furthermore they are almost non visible in pictures or in policies. A lot is said about them and policies and projects are not made WITH them. Often policy makers, journalists, project leaders contact me to ask me if I can find them.

And so on October 1st I initiated OMAZ (‘grandmothers’ in Dutch), older migrants in action is a place where we share the stories of older migrants in The Netherlands. We build bridges between generations, policy makers, researches and everyday practice. We talk with them and make their voices heard.

We will organize meetings. We will write stories and share them. We will put their needs and challenges on the agenda and will start innovative projects where we can. We will take care of them, together and create smiling faces.

Our vision is to start a movement where older migrants will be seen and where they will show their talents and let their voices be heard. We can learn a lot from them. Our mission is to improve the lives of older migrants by organizing happy events. We will ask the older migrants what kind of events they want.

Do you want to help with finding and sharing their stories? Please interview you mum, granddad, neighbour and send their stories to info@fatosipek.nl with a nice picture.

The kick-off of OMAZ was on October 1st with a high tea. Local channel Den Haag FM made this report of this event. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2285387835080712&id=100008285527697