Tuuliki Hakala Shares Impressions of her First AM

  by Tuuliki Hakala

Dear ENIEC members and other readers, greetings from Finland! I am Tuulikki Hakala, a new member of ENIEC. I had a great pleasure to meet so many members of the professional ENIEC family at AM2019 in Bristol.  I wanted to participate in the meeting especially because of the focus of caregiving. I work with carers with different language and cultural backgrounds, so it was nice to join the meeting, which was hosted by the Bristol Black Carers. The AM2019 was started in Bristol City Hall with dignity. It was pleasure to find out that Bristol has an Age Friendly City agenda. We have had lots of conversations about the quality of elderly care in Finland and in my opinion it is very important to press the appreciation and consideration of the elderly all the time.

It was interesting to hear about different working methods in the work shops, for example about how Manon Bruinsima is using music at her work. I am thankful that I had possibility to share something about my experiences about supporting carers too. During the AM2019 I noticed again that terminology we use varies a bit depending on the service system of the country and which translations in English are established in each country. It is important to have dialogue with each other so that we share same understanding about issues.

At the General Assembly it was amazing to see how members commit to working for ENIEC and there were always people who volunteered for open positions of trust. I wish great success and lot of joy for their activities.

I would like to warmly thank all the organizers of the AM2019, I had lovely time in Bristol!

I wish we meet at AM2020 in Tallinn.