ENIEC Members Organized Consensus Conference with WHO in Pécs

by Nikolett Arnold

The Consensus Conference for Establishing a European Level Migration Health Database was held at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Regional Committee Building with the co-funding of WHO Europe and the University of Pécs Medical School WHO Collaborating Centre in the Field of Migration Health Training and Research between 7-8 of October. Our members Professor Istvan Szilard, Dr. Erika Marek, Dr. Kia Goolesorkhi, Dr. Zoltan Katz and Nikolett Arnold all participated in the organization of the professional program.

The aim of the conference was to bring together leading experts in migrant health and to reach consensus on the basic principles of a highly coherent and consistent European Migrant Health Database. The database is an essential tool for the ‘evidence-based’ planning and development of public health and health care systems that are prepared and capable to address the new challenges. Participants from Hungary and representatives from different European NGOs, such as WHO, ECDC, EUPHA, IOM and EU FRA participated in the workshops. The common statement and task force has been created to do a follow-up on the implementation possibilities of the statements. The official statement is still under confirmation by WHO Europe, but all documents, including the statement, presentations, and program will be available on the conference website after final revision.