Board Meeting in Nijmegen

written by Nikolett Arnold

The Board Members of ENIEC come together to share their visions and to develop exciting plans for the coming year in Nijmegen this January. It was the most convenient and easily reachable place to meet as now we have two Dutch members on the board, here I would like to thank Conny for organizing this meeting for us.

Firstly, we had a Skype meeting with Tallinn Organizing Committee members to finalize details of the very exciting program that will be introduced shortly through the newsletter and the website. The Organizing Committee did a great job in reaching out for funding and planning every detail of our next meeting with interesting topics at unique places in the city of Tallinn. If you have not registered yet, this is the time to do so, you would not like to miss out on this annual meeting.

Further discussions included building relationships with members and advocacy strategies to expand ENIEC’s vision of securing that elderly migrants and minorities across Europe can live in an environment of tolerance, intercultural understanding, and respect.

We also discussed the communication strategy in detail in order to pinpoint where we could still improve our work. The working group also cleared up membership information and finalized the budget of 2019 and set the guidelines for 2020.