Introducing our New Member Mariam El Osri

written by Mariam El Osri

My name is Mariam El Osri, born and raised in Antwerp and currently living in Borgerhout (Antwerp) with my husband and two kids.

For the past 19 years, I have been professionally active in the social sector. First within Antwerp Integration Centre (de8) and since the fusion of several organizations in 2015, within Atlas Immigrant Integration Antwerp.

For over 10 years my role has been that of process manager diversity, where elderly and culturally sensitive care make up an important part of my job.

I’m currently supervising 2 residential care facilities in a process concerning cultural sensitive care.

We work within the 4 domains of the organizations. Every process is tailored to the organization and can contain different accents. For example, supporting management, developing a vision regarding diversity, training staff, etc.

Within ENIEC I am not a new member, but rather a “returning” member. Together with ex-colleague Saloua Berdai, Olivia van Mechelen and others, I co-organized the ENIEC meeting in Brussels 2013. Working on diversity in general and specifically within the elderly care, is a cause close to my heart. I am a child of migration myself. My parents are first-generation “migrants” in Belgium and they are getting older. I want to give them the opportunity to grow old in a country that they have been calling “home” for over 40 years.