Introducing our New Member Marja Saikka

written by Marja Saikka

I started my work with aging migrants in 2009 when my work as a Social Instructor in Kontula Service Centre begun. My first job was to create a model for intercultural work in our Service Centre. We have customers from at least ten different cultural backgrounds. We offer three peer support groups, one sport exercise group and co-operate with two Finnish Courses for beginners.

Since I had worked for several years, I decided to continue my studies in the Master Program in Developing Customer Orientated Social Work Practices. My Master’s Thesis modeled activities for aging migrants in Kontula Service Centre and presented good practices of implementing group activities for aging migrants and supporting customers’ integration.

Now, in addition to my everyday work, I have a development project. The aim of my project is to share Kontula Service Centre’s good practices with other Service Centers in the City of Helsinki.

Service Centers are places, where retired and unemployed people can join activities and meet each other. My target is that Service Centers are that kind of place for intercultural elders too.