Announcing ENIEC AM2021

Dear ENIEC Members and Friends,

we hope you, your families and colleagues are well. Last week, we wrote to you to inform that our Annual Meeting 2020 had been canceled. The decision was incredibly difficult and came only through intense consultation and discussion. As this unprecedented global crisis unfolds, it is vitally important to the Board that everyone is safe and we ensure we do not put anyone at risk. During the last days, the members of the Organizing Committee Tallinn 2020, Siiri Jaakson, Chair of the Organizing Committee, with Tuulikki Hakala, Eva Rönkkö, Susanna Lehtovaara, Inka Lehtonen and Alina Ahtamo have shown more commitment and passion than ever to ENIEC and to our mission. They have not been only completing all the many details needed to wrap the annual meeting planning, but also they have committed to organizing the ENIEC Annual Meeting next year in 2021
It is with great pleasure that we announce that our Annual Meeting 2021 will be held in Tallinn on March 10- 11 -12. Siri Jaakson, Chair of the organizing committee has said “the members of the organizing committee are endeavor to bring Eniec to Tallinn, and we look forward to working one more year to see our dream come true here in Estonia”.

The Board of ENIEC expresses our full thanks to all members of the organizing committee and all of the wonderful team who has worked so hard to plan the Annual meeting 2020 and willing to work again for one more year. Your dedication to ENIEC and willingness to find new ways to organize the annual meeting has set new benchmarks. We look forward to working with you again.”
We wish you good health and thank you for the sacrifices and contributions you are making in your communities in particular for the wellbeing of old migrants

May you be safe and may your communities remain strong.

On behalf of the Board of Eniec, Lola Casal-Sanchez, Conny Van Der Aalsvoort, Jennifer Van Den Broeke, Nikolett Arnold