How are we doing? – Webinar 28.5.2020

written by Susanna Lehtovaara

Information highways and trails of care – how are older migrants and minorities coping in pandemic situation?

In Europe and around the world the Coronavirus has proven to be particularly acute and dangerous for older people. Exceptional actions have closed shops, and the authorities have instructed people to stay home and keep social distance to other people in order to prevent the spread of the virus. Concerns about health and the future are evident in European societies. There is a lot of information going around about the virus, its spread and instructions of how to behave and be safe. Older people are receiving the information by media, relatives, friends and the authorities. But do these methods reach all of the people at risk? In this particular time, older people are at risk of falling short of care and knowledge despite all the information. Especially the older people who do not speak the language of the general population.

The Finnish members of ENIEC together with their partners in the field of intercultural elderly care decided to find out how minority older people are doing at the current situation. We conducted a questionnaire in which we have collected information on how do older migrants receive information about Corona and the advice given by health authorities. We also asked whether they need help and who are the ones helping them, what kind of changes have they faced and how are they generally doing? Group instructors from our organizations called (by phone) to more than a hundred persons and asked these questions in their native language.

We would like to share the results of our questionnaire and have a discussion of the great work we’re all doing with ENIEC members! We would also like to share what kind of experiences you have had so far working in this peculiar situation across Europe and the world? What we could learn from each other, the amazing people who are working and supporting older migrants and minorities?

Webinar is organized on Microsoft Teams in English on Thursday May 28th 2020 from 10.00 to 11.30 AM (CET). Please register by email and we’ll send you the link to the meeting. You can share this invitation with others who are interested.

Registration: susanna.lehtovaara(a)

Warm hugs from Finland,

Eva Rönkkö, Siiri Jaakson, Tuulikki Hakala & Susanna Lehtovaara